"Building careers, Empowering Businesses"

"At Sail Staffing Inc, we are a leading recruitment agency specializing in local and international recruitment. We understand that finding the right employees is essential to the success of any business. Our team of experienced recruiters is dedicated to connecting businesses with top talent, powering their success by building careers.
Our slogan, 'Building Careers, Powering Businesses' reflects our commitment to not only help individuals achieve success but also to help businesses succeed. We strive to be a dependable partner throughout the recruitment process and assist our clients in finding the right match for their company.

What we do

At Sail Staffing, we are a full-service recruitment agency specializing in providing recruitment services within Canada as well as internationally , we connect top talent with top companies. Our goal is to help individuals build their careers and achieve success in their chosen fields, and to help businesses grow by providing them with the best talent. Our team of experienced recruiters is dedicated to connecting businesses with the best talent in their field, powering their success by building careers.

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Services Offered

Our experienced team of recruiters has a proven track record of successfully placing highly skilled professionals in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more.

Our services include everything from sourcing and recruiting to background checks and onboarding. We take a personalized approach to each search, working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. Our extensive global network of contacts allows us to access a wide range of top-tier candidates from around the world.

In addition to our core recruitment services, we also offer a range of other services to support our clients in their talent acquisition efforts. These include:

Industries Served

Our International Recruitment Agency based in Canada specializes in connecting Canadian companies with top talent from around the world across a variety of industries. Some of the industries we serve include:

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Success Stories

We are a rapidly growing company and we were in need of staff to support our expansion. Sail Staffing Inc was able to quickly source, screen, and place perfect candidates in these positions, allowing the company to continue operating smoothly and meeting their deadlines.
We were looking for a recruitment agency that would take a personalized approach in our hiring needs. Sail Staffing Inc took the time to understand the company's unique requirements, and successfully placed top candidates who fit well with the company's culture and goals. This resulted in a more efficient and productive work environment for the company
Mr. Suraj KN
We partnered with Sail Staffing Inc partnered to find top talent for some key positions. The recruitment agency's deep understanding of the manufacturing industry and personalized approach resulted in the placement of candidates who not only had the right skills, but also fit well within the company's culture. They were not only quick but also very responsive.

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